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"If you want to be more PRODUCTIVE, you need to become MASTER of your minutes."

Crystal Paine
Task Venturers, established as an officially registered company on 14th November 2017, we started initially as a group of individuals dedicated to providing business-related virtual assistance to business owners around the world. We are Virtual Assistant firm consisting of an enriched experience and prolific time management skills. We’ve decided to broaden our reach and cater our services to Indian as well as foreign clients.
As a Virtual Assistant firm we provide services for Web Development & Multimedia, Internet Marketing, Travel Itinerary, Graphic Designing, SEO, Content Development and much more. Whether you require fully customizable business support for your recognized venture/startup, we’re here to help you out with our culturally-diverse & dynamic workforce. ‘Your time is valuable and we utilize it judiciously’- We’re Task Venturers.

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Task Ventures ensures that you find the best virtual assistant services, in different sectors. Whatever services we provide, we promise you proper time management. Our time-line is very punctual. We offer adequate marketing for your business irrespective of it’s size. Creativity plays a major role in virtual field, and we provide creative writing as well as visual content in such a way that it helps to increase the distinctive value of your company. Our efforts enables your website to get the proper optimisation in SEO. In today’s competitive world everyone wants to be distinctive and ahead of their competitors. We arrange everything in such a way that you should be ahead of your competitors. Our services are equally efficient in all field.

Administrative Assistance

Right from the perception of “ideas” to completion of your goal, through design, development and adequate marketing- we offer robust end-to-end task management services to our valued clients maintaining a legitimate timeline for projects.

Web Development

Irrespective of the size of your business, our hardworking and ingenious VA’s ensure the development of fully scalable & secure web applications using cutting-edge technology & exemplary web development services to empower your business prosperity.

Content Writing

Believe it or not, but- “Content is King”. And keeping that in mind we offer creative content creation & marketing services to fuel your brand by increasing search exposure & attracting top-of-funnel visitors through emphasized storytelling.

Ecommerce Assistance

Looking to bring your business online? We can help you with that as our Va’s expertise in E-commerce website development and services. Right from selecting an area of operations to coming up with conventional ideas about product launch- we do everything.

Graphic Designing

We strongly believe visual content plays a key role in attracting audiences towards your product. So come forth and distinguish your Brand with our exceptional graphic design services & solutions including- Brand identity, logos, brochure, corporate presentations or explainer videos. Our expert designers have the potential to deliver unique and fully customized designs only for you.

Internet Marketing

In the fast-paced industry of online marketing, everyone wants to be ahead of their competitors, and that is exactly why you should choose us. We specialize in providing data-driven integrated internet marketing solutions while adding a distinctive value through Social Media(SMM) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC), Email & Affiliate Marketing and conversion optimizations.

3rd Party Calling

When a customer is spoilt for choice, 3rd party calling services tend to be the make-or-break aspect of your business. Luckily we possess proficient virtual phone assistants who can effectively promote customer satisfaction & retention henceforth resulting in streamlined Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Travel Itinerary

Travel freak? Experience a new way to plan your next trip with us. Task Venturers help you build your fully customizable travel itinerary that too quick & easy. Get a complete day-to-day itinerary along with best routes, scheduled timings and availing best-suited hotels with offers.


We not only build applications and websites for you but also help in optimizing them through proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization), boosting your web presence in such a way that you rank on top of search engine results.

Online Market Place

People at your location often seek services/products that are hard to come by. Our virtual attendants specialize in developing on-demand online marketplace websites bridging the gap between customers and service providers.

Virtual Accountant

Unable to forecast or budget? Reach out to our virtual accountant. We pledge to offer complete technology-driven accounting services- minimizing errors & empower your business across the world.


Task Venturers’ Virtual Assistant portfolio is dynamic and effective tool to show our clients what we are capable of doing. We are professionals, rendering professional services. We believe in creativity. Till now we have many happy and satisfied customers, who are pleased with our creative content in terms of writing as well as visual graphics. Time is precious, thus we believe in punctuality. Our records show our flexible time management for better utilization of time. We are the believers of creativity and honesty. Till now we have several clients praising our honesty and integrity. We are flexible to adopt any dynamic change in the digital world, this is what that made us unique. Though professionals, we are friendly as well as responsible. All our clients are a part of this family. We have always maintained a friendly and compatible relationship with all our clients since the beginning of our journey. As an online Virtual Assistant firm we have always offered our best, and will do the same in future too.

Why Choose Us?

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We’re Creative

“Creativity leads to Quality” and that is where our Va’s excel. Here at Task Venturers, we consist of an amazing blend of freshness and expertise leading to complete absorption of your idea and turning it into reality.

We’re Punctual

“Time is Money”- often traditional employees tend to be distracted in non-work related activities hampering your project timeline. But when our Va’s are clocked in, they are keenly working on your projects and clock out when it’s completed. Does a traditional employee offer such workplace efficiency?

We have Integrity

Integrity is fundamental in all we do and how well we conduct it. Because when we act with integrity & honesty, we earn the trust of our clients. Maintaining a reputation requires commitments and we highly honour it by doing what we say.

We're Flexible

We move along with a mission & vision, flexibly adapting to the dynamic changes of the industrial sphere. With our industry rapidly changing, we need to be agile and efficient enough to evolve our business sense, anticipating new opportunities, avoiding risks and growing in new ways to serve you with the best.

We’re Friendly

Work can be more fun, exciting & fulfilling when the service seeker and provider communicate freely. Our VA’s are always there for you, listening to your ideas, suggestions and queries. In that way, the effort they endure each day has a positive impact and acts as an element of inspiration.

We're Responsible

Our team leaders and data experts actively support & supervise the team of Virtual Assistants ensuring a consistent delivery of projects with maximum accuracy. Alongside this our full-time Va’s work in fully monitored facilities following a strict security protocol & confidentiality of client data.

What people say?

TaskVenturers has been a solid addition to my business team. They enable me to complete tasks and research that I could not do myself. My co-workers have no idea on how I complete the work I do in such a short amount of time. They are my secret weapon. I will definitely be staying with TaskVentures, an exceptional value.

Kevin N, Los Gatos, California.

What people say?

TaskVenturers are an incredibly hard working group, they are other-worldly responsive, and the quality of their work is similarly great. I would recommend TaskVenturers 10 times out of 10. You will no doubt be in good hands with TaskVenturers for any task or project.

Thomas G, Colombia.

What people say?

TaskVenturers and their team are easy to communicate with. They pay great attention to detail, no matter how small. They follow directions well and asks questions for clarification, when needed. We’ve used them on many project and have always been very pleased with the finished product of any task assigned to them. Always completes projects on time and within budget. We will certainly hire them again and highly recommend them for your next task.

Ruby T, Colombia.

What people say?

As a location-independent German Entrepreneur I was not only looking for a reliable VA, but for a whole Team, which I can communicate with and send them different Tasks (Design, Research, WebDevelopment) and I tried different Organizations and Plattforms until found TaskVenturerers! I love these guys - they are clever, think with me through my different projects and deliver on time! Love to work with you guys - Thanks again for being Part of the Team!

Waldemar Pautow, Deutschland.

What people say?

Safe , trustworthy, you could not wish for a safer pair of hands. My long experience with these guys has been an outstanding joy to witness.

Harold Duckworth, Spain.

What people say?

A total pleasure to work with. Dependable, hardworking, individuals that are dedicated to your task or project. They pay great attention to details and finish the projects in time and on budget.

Ruby Red, USA.

What people say?

A total pleasure to work with. Dependable, hardworking, individuals that are dedicated to your task or project. They pay great attention to details and finish the projects in time and on budget.

Bruce Marks, UK.
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